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How to Access the NDNC Filter using API :
1.Use URL :

Response :
Replace with valid username
Replace with valid password
Replace with valid Mobileno
1.Invalid User/Password : Invalid username or password
2.Account Disabled : Your Account is Blocked
3.Callable MobileNo : callable
4.Block MobileNo : block
5.Invalid MobileNo : invalid


2.Use URL :,8844884488,9999999999);
Response : {"callabe":["9898989898","8844884488"],"Blocked":[9999999999]}


3.Use URL : localhost:8080/NDNC/urlcheckforword.action?username=admin&password=admin&mobile=9999999999,8521479630,1236547770&ndncuserName=niraj&ndncpassword=niraj&message=message is here


4.Use URL : localhost:8080/NDNC/urlcheckforword2.action?username=admin&password=admin&mobile=9999999999,8521479630,1236547770&ndncuserName=niraj&ndncpassword=niraj&message=message is here

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